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Consulting. Web Design. Network Administration. User Support.

What we do

Creating an impressive online presence is our job - but what sets us apart from a DIY solution or an overseas code shop is our experience, attention to detail, and ease of communication.
As a small Australian company, our image is everything, and word of mouth is our biggest marketing tool.


Creating a great website is not a drag and drop task. It takes a deep understanding of the systems that work behind the scenes to create a beautiful and fast website.


Online security is important, and as a standard we operate within strict guidelines to ensure our client's data remains secure.


Slow websites can scare off visitors faster than anything else. let us improve page load times with code optimisation, load balancing and CDN, and mitgate DoS attacks.


Ever feel like your website needs a bit of a tidy up? We are happy to make small changes to your current website, or update details in Google, Microsoft and other online accounts.


When you want to be seen online, a website is often not enough. We can create and connect Google pages, social media, Youtube, and set up advertising online.


We believe in every website we create, and we will only release a website after it is fully finished. No developing on the fly or shooting from the hip.

Get in touch

As every project is very different, we cannot have a set pricelist.
Prices for a website start from $15 and can go up well over $20,000 for a top of the line ecommerce solution.
Send us a message with your goals, and we can send you an email back that day with a quote and a time frame.

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    Our office is not open to the public.
    However, Westcom is happy to meet with you in person.
    Contact us to book an appointment.
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